Earn more

A two-year degree, apprenticeship or occupational certificate often lead to higher lifetime earnings than those of four-year degree holders—as much as 61 percent higher—according to our new study.

Employers need you

Companies are scrambling to fill a host of skilled, well-paying positions. Minnesota manufacturers, for example, are struggling to fill two-thirds of available jobs. In the construction industry, nearly 80 percent of companies can’t find enough qualified workers.

It’s not just manufacturing and construction jobs

The need for healthcare workers is booming. Demand for RNs, dental hygienists, radiologic techs and LPNs is expected to grow by up to 12 percent by 2024. None of these jobs require a four-year degree. And wages are quite generous.

Still want a four-year degree? No problem

After earning a two-year degree, many go on to get a four-year degree. Some employers will even offer tuition reimbursement, which is tax-free up to $5,250 for the employee.

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