In celebration of women pursuing technical careers, Dunwoody College of Technology hosted its annual Kate L. Dunwoody Society Luncheon on October 23.

The program, held in recognition of the vision and generosity of Kate L. Dunwoody who pioneered support of technical education 105 years ago, raises scholarship dollars for female students enrolled at the technical college. Elssie Payan-Burgos, the event’s featured scholarship recipient, shared the difference Dunwoody made in her life and how supportive the school has been as she pursues a career in industrial engineering technology. “This scholarship has helped me receive an education that is preparing me for the workforce and more than anything, I appreciate you supporting women in this field, as it can be hard for us,” Payan-Burgos said.

More than 300 people attended the event to celebrate the accomplishments of women working in nontraditional fields. Sanchayita Ray, the strategy and market development director for Mortenson, delivered a keynote address that highlighted her STEM career and the challenges she overcame as a female in a career field that has traditionally been male dominated.

“There is a perception of STEM fields being more masculine, but we can change that. We have an incredible opportunity to reach women when it counts: by starting early. Exposing girls to STEM related careers at a young age allows them to build confidence and interest in subjects that traditionally they have been told they aren’t good at. We need to encourage more female teachers in STEM, so young girls have someone to look up to. We also need to continue to gather like we are today and offer examples of accomplished women in STEM.”


Click here to learn more about Dunwoody’s Women In Technical Careers scholarship program.  

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