High school students in tiny Braham, Minnesota, are proving the sky is the limit for young people who get top-notch technical education. Students at this school with barely 200 students are producing eye-popping engineering creations. The Star Tribune has the story:

An ethanol-fueled car that gets more than 500 miles per gallon? They’ve built that.

A prosthetic foot that’s been used by the world’s top Paralympic skiers? Built that too.

Now the tech students in this town of 1,800 some 60 miles north of the Twin Cities are working on a new project that’s out of this world—literally.

They’re designing a washing machine that they hope will be accepted by NASA for use on the International Space Station and, eventually, on manned missions to Mars….

In international technology competitions, Braham teenagers have beaten teams from prestigious universities such as Cal Poly, Texas M&M and Louisiana Tech.

Luke Becker, who teaches agricultural technology and physics at Braham Area High School, deserves much of the credit. So do local sponsors who help pick up the costs of the school’s technology program. They include East Central Corn Growers, East Central Energy, Haas Automation, the Grandy Lions Club and the Braham Moose Lodge.

Becker also directs the annual Minnesota Super-mileage competition, which “pits the cars of about 50 high schools against each other at Brainerd International Raceway.” He told the Star Tribune his work with students is highly rewarding:

“To get a kid that does something they never thought they could do—that’s really great,” he said. “There are kids who never planned to do anything [in technology] until they had these opportunities.”


Photo Source: Brian Peterson, Star Tribune

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